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What is Google AdSense?

What is Google AdSense?



Google AdSense is a CPC (cost-per-click) advertising program from the search giant Google that serves to place appropriately targeted advertisements on the websites of people such as you. Once installed, AdSense will scan your site to determine your type of content and then use this information to put various types of advertisements on your site that are relevant to your content.
Google will work with advertisers to come up with advertisements to be placed on various sites across the web. Advertisers will then bid to have their ads placed on sites containing in their content keywords chosen by the advertisers. These websites using AdSense will then be listed at the top and to the right of search results related to the keywords that are being searched for.
In this way AdSense gets people interested in a certain subject hooked up with advertisers marketing products related to that subject through your website allowing you to make money.
Although the relevancy of the ads on the site can vary based on a number of different factors, by and large they tend to be extremely relevant to your content on that particular page. This is done in order to make it so everyone wins.

What it all boils down to is that the advertisers creating the ads and selecting the keywords will pay Google an agreed upon amount for each time one of their advertisements is clicked by someone viewing your page. Google keeps part of this payment and the rest goes to the owner of the page.
So you see this systems works for everyone and with everyone. Google gets their cut, you (as the website owner/publisher) make money with AdSense, the advertisers get the word out about their products to those who’d be interested in them, and visitors to your page have an opportunity to browse and possibly purchase products relevant to them. Everyone wins.
Content based
This version of AdSense will check the content of your website to determine what ads will be most appropriate. These ads typically will pay on a cost per click basis though some are based off just the page views. Either way there isn’t a great deal of difference in the earning potential of either type of ad. Ads of this variety can be images, videos, text, or another type of multimedia
Feeds based
This version of AdSense is very similar to the content based type except that it’s meant to work specifically with feeds rather than a typical webpage. In this version, ads are placed as image files directly into the feed rather than on the boarders of the page as is typical. Otherwise the ads function in much the same way, displaying products relevant to the content of the feed and directing those who click on them to the advertiser’s product website.
Search based
This is a feature that works in conjunction with the standard AdSense program. This extra code allows a webmaster to add a Google powered search bar to their site to facilitate searches of the site or the web. When users make use of this search option any AdSense generated revenue that comes as a result of the search is split evenly between Google and the webmaster
Mobile content based
This is essentially identical to the traditional AdSense program in purpose though very different in terms of deployment and method. Instead of using the typical Java code that AdSense is based on to discover site content, other programing technologies are used in order to accurately discover content and display relevant adds on mobile websites.
Video based
This version of AdSense expands the capabilities of the original program by allowing users to generate additional income from videos they’re hosting on their site. These advertisements come from Google’s vast network of advertisers and can include even popular videos found on YouTube.

How is AdSense installed?

All you have to do when you get approved by AdSense is to add a special html code to your website, allowing AdSense to scan your content and begin displaying relevant ads. This method of targeting the ads to a site’s content, and thus its traffic is what separates AdSense from other advertisement programs.
To install the AdSense code, simply log into your AdSense account. There, you can chose between various options for color, size, dimension, etc.
Once you are satisfied with the way your ad block looks, you will be given a code whcih you can copy and paste it into your website. You can find instruction on installing AdSense code here. After a few minutes or so of installing the code on your site, AdSense will start to display relevant ads on your sites, and you will be well on your way to earning money.


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