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How to Get Approved for AdSense Fast

How to Get Approved for AdSense Fast


Getting an AdSense account approval is one of the very first things many bloggers who are thinking about monetizing their blog with AdSense have to face.
There’s not a single blogger anywhere out there who hasn’t considered trying to make their hobby of blogging a viable living through the use of Google AdSense; arguably the best ad program available on the market today with the highest Cost per Click offered out of all its competitors.
Unfortunately, many people end up not pursuing this course of action due to the stringent regulations associated with the approval process. These however, are in place to prevent fraud and spam in order to protect the advertisers, but can sometimes inadvertently cause even legitimate sites to be rejected for Google AdSense.
To avoid this possibility make sure your website meets the following criteria before applying for AdSense:

1. Your URL and Site Age are Important

It’s been shown that a typical person tends to visit a site located on a top level domain more often than they will a site located on a sub-domain. Because of this, sites listed as sub-domains are often rejected during the AdSense application process.
In addition to this, websites with unusual extensions (anything outside your typical .com, .org, etc. range) are often rejected during the AdSense application process as they are most often made use of by spammers. If your website falls into one of these categories, you may wish to move to a site more likely to get approved.
If you’re looking to get yourself a top level domain to work from, or perhaps something that’s been around a bit longer (as they have a higher approval rate) you can usually find good ones to choose from at GoDaddy or any other domain registrar.

2. Do a Thorough Quality Check of your Website

Thankfully, it’s not necessary to have another person do this for you, though you could, should you choose to. However, if you choose to do this yourself it’s very much possible to do what’s necessary on your own.
Check your material: be sure your site contains plenty of quality material before submitting an application for AdSense to review your site.
Review your traffic records: Check to see how many visitors you are getting especially from search engines such as Google. Higher levels are indicative of popular content being located on your site, and thus a higher chance for AdSense approval.
Check for backlinks: Look through your content and see if anyone has back-linked any of your material. If no one has, you can create these links to other similar content yourself. This step isn’t absolutely necessary, but it does help to increase the traffic on your site, and thus the chances of approval on your AdSense application.
Check for links to your site on social networking sites: the more frequently your site is being linked to from social networking sites, the more likely it is to be approved for an AdSense account.
Adult content sites need not apply: to date, not a single website that includes adult oriented material has received approval from AdSense. If your site includes adult content, you’ll want to either change your content or consider an alternative to AdSense.

3. Ensure a Professional Site Design

A simple easy to use design is regarded as more professional than a messy or difficult to use one is. Websites designed to look and feel professional increase their chances for AdSense application approval. Features to include in order to aid in creating a professional design include:
A readily available search box.
Non-distracting images or colors.
A simple system for site navigation.
Easily accessible links to important pages (like about us, archives, etc.).
Social buttons and links to your social networking profiles.
And of course, you’ll want to be sure to include somewhere on your website your name and a blurb about yourself to make authentication easy for the AdSense reviewers checking out your site.

4. Actually Read Google AdSense Terms & Conditions

Remember that AdSense is a business opportunity and the terms and conditions that go with it are not there for no reason, so be sure to read through AdSense terms & conditions very carefully and take them seriously.
It should clarify most questions you might have in one way or another and understanding how the process works can help increase the chances that your application for AdSense will be approved.

5. Carefully Fill Out the Application and Double Check It

Make certain as you complete your application that you have provided all the necessary information and entered it correctly in all the correct places. Even a few simple mistakes can result in applications for otherwise acceptable websites being rejected.
A good plan is to have all the information you’ll need gathered together and at your disposal as you’re filling out the application. This way you won’t have to go hunt for it and are thus less likely to make mistakes as you’re entering all the information.
Once you’ve completed the application, be sure to go back over the entire thing to make sure there aren’t any errors or fields you missed.
On your application, pay close attention to the following:
Payee/Contact Name
Your application will be rejected if you do not provide a correct contact name. AdSense will make your checks to this name, so be surer you give them your full name. If you are applying for a business account, you can simply use your business name as the “Payee Name”, and use your name (or whoever manages the site) as the “Contact Name”.
Be sure you have entered your complete and correct address. Address entered in the application has to be a valid one if you want to get approved.
Email Address
Make sure you use an email address that you want to use as your AdSense login email, as the email you enter in your application will automatically be set as the login email for your AdSense account.
Once you’ve gone over it yourself once or twice, have a friend or family member run through it a couple of times to see if they can spot any errors or mistakes you may have missed. I know it sounds like a lot of extra work, but it’s best to be sure and well worth it in the long run.

6. Submit Only a Single Application

Although submitting additional applications will get them more attention, it’s not the kind of attention you want. Multiple consecutive applications will get your submissions flagged as spam resulting in a rejection initially and future applications being ignored.

7. Re-apply Carefully

In the event that your AdSense application is rejected and you need to reapply be sure to fix the issues that initially caused your application to be rejected. With a rejection comes an email from the AdSense reviewers outlining their reasons why the application was rejected. These issues should be corrected before you consider trying again.

A few things to bear in mind
If your application for AdSense is rejected there’s a reason for it. Endeavor to correct any issues for next time.
Because those looking over your application are human, mistakes can be made. Do your best to address their concerns and keep trying.
Recently AdSense has adopted a new eligibility policy where in come locations including China and India, it is required that you have owned your site at least for 6 months in order to be eligible for an AdSense account. AdSense notes that they are doing this to ensure the quality of sites entered to the network of advertisers.
There are those who sell AdSense accounts to others, but this practice is not approved by Google and most often results in a disabled account. So, do not under any circumstances buy an AdSense account.

That’s about all you can do to increase your chances of getting your account approved. There is no AdSense approval tricks (like some people claim).
Of course, there is no guaranty that your application will be accepted. But if you want to make money with AdSense you need an AdSense account, and if you do follow the above suggestions, you will have a much better chance of getting your AdSense application approved.


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