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AdSense Account Disabled – What Now?

AdSense Account Disabled – What Now?

Google Adsense Disapproved

As you attempt to sign-in to your AdSense account, you discover that it’s been disabled. Desperately you attempt to login once more without success. Only then do you peruse your email to discover you’ve been contacted by Google informing you that your AdSense account is now disabled.
This is a scenario that many bloggers find themselves facing. And for those who make money with AdSense, that is, AdSense is their main source of income of their blog, that is a devastating below. So, what do you do? What options do you have if you lose your AdSense account?….

Be certain your AdSense account has in fact been disabled

Many have discovered that they still were able to access their account despite their ads no longer showing up on their website. It’s possible, in some cases for this to result from the website disabling AdSense, rather than your account being disabled. It’s also possible, though somewhat less so, that very few advertisers exist for your chosen subject matter.
To test this, check and see if your other AdSense sites are displaying ads or, alternatively have another AdSense user attempt to place ads on your site and see if their ads will show up.
Anytime Google disables and AdSense account, for any reason they send out an email explaining in very general terms why this has happened. More than likely Google will neglect to go into any specific detail as to avoid releasing sensitive information about how their company is run to the public.

Why does Google disable AdSense accounts?

Google makes a point of protecting their advertisers however they can. The reason being if Google cannot establish a peace of mind for their advertisers by ensuring they’re getting actual profitable hits, they’d all move on to greener pastures leaving AdSense publishers struggling to make up the difference and ultimately with far less money in their pockets.
And while many bloggers think their AdSense account was disabled for no reason, there are actually many reasons for your account being disabled. The following is a list of the main causes of disabled accounts:
Main causes of disabled AdSense accounts due to “invalid activity”:
Generating fake hits by clicking your own ads
Using bots or automated programs to generate hits
Changing how ads are displayed on your site
Suggesting users click on ads in order to support your website
Displaying ads in such a way that they are deceptive or easily clicked by mistake
Embedding ads in applications posted on your website
Main causes of disabled AdSense accounts due to “policy reasons”:
Content intended for mature or adult audiences
Material created by the user
Failure to abide by the guidelines set forth by the webmaster
Displaying ads in such a way that they are deceptive
Failure to abide by copyright laws
Material that is legally prohibited

How to get your AdSense account back?

To get your AdSense account back, you can file an appeal with Google, and hope that they will give you your account back. Unfortunately, the only legitimate means of restoring a disabled personal account is by way of the appeal process.
However, AdSense accounts can also be created by legally established companies. Several of the most profitable AdSense users deliberately establish and operate several companies in order to vary their earning through AdSense over multiple accounts or in order to capitalize on rules for smart-pricing. Regardless of their intention, these types of businesses must remain separate due to legal issues and to simplify banking.
Be sure to consider that the sites that originally caused your account to be disabled could cause the same thing to happen to a new account. It’s generally not much of a stretch to assume that the risks posed to advertisers on these sites before will still be present.

AdSense alternatives

Should you end up with a disabled account and a rejected appeal and dread the thought of trying to establish a company just to use AdSense, there are lots of AdSense alternatives you can use to monetize your blog with.
Though AdSense sports the highest revenue per unique of its competition, it’s possible you could do nearly as well with these other options:
Media.net: Media.net is a Yahoo and Bing contextual ad network which is growing very fast. I actually use it on BlogStash.com and I am very happy with the earnings. Some days, I earn more withe Media.net than with AdSense.
Kontera: An oldie, but a goody. This site sports a simple user interface, though getting accepted is a bit more challenging
Infolinks: A great “in-text” ad agent to use as an ad-in with the other options
Chitika: This site will strive to place ads related to your content and works well with a banner ad agent
Bidvertiser: Wonderful ad creation versatility and you won’t have to give them your tax history
AdBrite: This is probably the best replacement for AdSense is payments that are generally on par, though they sport fewer advertisers and potential layouts.
However, if you’re looking for a completely different approach you may want to identify your highest traffic sites and attempt to pair them with merchandise from Amazon.
Unfortunately, this would involve changing the majority of the sites information to reflect key product information. Still a few intriguing studies show that this type of ad site out performs AdSense. Using this alternative may just increase your income if you can really grasp it.

No one likes to find out that Google has disabled their AdSense account. Should you ever become the victim of such a fate perhaps the tips and strategies above will help you chart a new course to rebuild your income.


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