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Generating Free Backlinks from RSS Feed Submission

Generating Free Backlinks from RSS Feed Submission

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Generating free backlinks from RSS feed submission is one method most online bloggers are not aware about. Every blog has an RSS feed which provides readers with an easy way to follow your site. On the other hand, RSS feeds could also be used to build backlinks that could result in good traffic. By submitting your RSS feed to feeds directories, you could grow your subscribers and your contents could easily get picked up.  If your bloggets some good voting and popularity on these feeds directories, the chances of growing your web traffic is high.

A lot of people usually complain of finding difficulties in locating their feeds.  So let me breeze you through the stress and keep you smiling.

How to locate your website or blog RSS Feed

If you have a blog, then this would work for your blog. You don’t need to search your template or page to locate your feed. According to Google / Blogger, here are the special addresses they’ve provided for blog users to use for their feeds.

  • Atom 1.0:
  • RSS 2.0:
All you need do is replace “” with your blog’s URL and you would have gotten your feed address. For Wordpress blogs the Atom 1.0 address should work for your blog. 

If you don’t have a blog, it’s not a problem.:-) Generating a feed URL for your website is easy. With a site like html2rss, all you need do is to input URLs and it will then create a functioning RSS feed for your website.

Now, once you have gotten your RSS feed, the next thing to do to generate quality backlinks is to submit your RSS feed to RSS feed directories. Although, you will need to do some writing but it won’t be anything near the stress of trying to provide new contents. All it involves is for you input some personal details. Details like your name, email, URL, site title, description, keywords, and RSS feed URL are what you’ll need. You can ease through this by opening a spread sheet and putting some of these details there. Then you will just have to copy and paste in the required fields. I have listed a few RSS feed directories below along with their pageranks. Note that some of them would require you to confirm your email address before they approve your submission.

Once you have completed your submission, I would advise you register at Feedburner and use their powerful tools to track and analyze your feed statistics. In the case of Wordpress, you may need to install this plug-in which would redirect your original feed to your Feedburner page.

If you want to automatically submit your RSS feeds without having to do them manually, you can download this free RSS submission software. I have made use of it and it converts. Although, I like to do most of submissions manually to ensure I get my desired result.

In no time, you’d be wondering where your traffic is coming from. Well, it’s all coming from your effort in taking time to submit your RSS feed URL. And of course, these links would help you in rankings as they would all count as a backlink to your site. See to it that you make the best use of it.


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