Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Easy Ways to Get More Page Views for Your Blog

Easy Ways to Get More Page Views for Your Blog

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Increasing page views means more money for most bloggers. If You, like many other bloggers are using Ad sense, AdBrite, Yahoo Publisher, or other PPC advertising networks as your main source of income on your blog, then you probably know that the more page views and clicks you get, the more money you make.
A simple way to increase your page views is to somehow get more of your visitors to read more of your posts by visiting different pages. But not everybody who visits your blog, is going to visit each and every page of it. Most visitors leave the blog as soon as they have found what they were looking for, which depending on the blog, usually happens within the first minute or so of arriving on the first page.

So, how do you get your visitors to check out other pages of your blog and spend more time on your site? How do you get them to view more pages?… Here are 8 simple yet very effective ways you can increase page views of your blog.

1- Interlinking
Interlinking or deep linking can help you not only with your blog’s SEO status, but also with page views. Every time you write a new article or post, simply link to a related one on your blog (or other blogs, in case of having more than one blog).

2- Static Page
This is one of the smartest way to increase your page views. I myself haven’t done it yet, but have seen many bloggers do it, and they all are happy with the results. It’s very simple, you basically make each article a static page. Then simply refer people to the static page.

3- Reference Page
Make a couple of reference pages inside your blog, with some subjects or material to refer people back to them. When you write a new post, if applicable, mention the reference point, and point to the reference page by leaving a link. But don’t over do it by using it more than one or two times in an article, or referring visitors to it without having any reasonable or useful connection to the article.

4- Article On Article (Post On Post)
Write an article where you talk about couple of your past posts that you think were very informative, and that you think your readers should definitely read. It would be a good way to introduce new visitors to your old articles, as well as getting some page views from your loyal readers.

5- Series Writing
I am sure you have seen many of these kinds of posts where bloggers write a series of articles on a subject. Series posting will give your readers something to look forward to, while at the same time you get to refer to the last article in the new one, thus having some new or perhaps even regular visitors to click onto the last article for a quick “catch-up/reminder”. Series articles can be done once a week, month or less or more often. Avoid stretching a subject that can be addressed in a two sentence article, by making it a series of 10 articles.

6- Favorite Page
You may already have this. But what I am talking about is not for links to your favorite bloggers or friends. We are talking about creating a page with links to all of your master pieces. Every blogger has some articles that (s)he favors and knows has the juice. Make a page with links to your best works, and name it favorite articles or best posts or what have you. People tend to like these kinds of pages where they know the can get the high points and important information in one place.

7- Break It Up
Thankfully, most blogging tools we use today like WordPress and blogger are already using the “more” tag. This will make the reader go to the next page in order to read the rest of the article. Instead of having a long and never-ending looking article, which most readers shy away from, use the “more” tag to break up your longer posts, and use two or more pages for them.

8- Category Favorite
Another way to increase page view which is based on the same idea as number 4, creating a favorite page based on different categories. Since probably like most bloggers you write articles for different categories, it would be a good idea to have a favorite page for each category. Like favorite politics related articles or best money related posts.


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