Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Earn money online With Clicksor


Alternative to Adsense----->Clicksor<-----

AdSense is a great source of income for many. You can make money with AdSensepractically by placing a piece of code on your site.
But what if you aren’t able to get approved for an AdSense account? Or worst, you got approved, but for reason you got banned? What if you just don’t like AdSense and are looking for better alternatives? Perhpas an alternative that could allow you to make more money with your blog with less restrictions and faster payouts?…
Thankfully there are lots of great AdSense alternatives out there. One such alternative is Clicksor.

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What is Clicksor & how it works?

Clicksor is a content-sensitive online marketing advertising agency, just like Google AdSense. It is a great way to monetize your blog or website. It’s basically affiliate marketing in a different way.
Clicksor enables bloggers to make more money with their blogs by using inline text links. It uses the keyword-based contextual technology to serve ads that are related to the content of your blog. Which basically means, if your blog is about making money online, the ads displayed on your blog, will be related making money online.
One of the biggest benefits of using keyword-based ads, is the fact that it increases your click-through rate, which means you will make more money

How much money can you make with Clicksor?
According to the FAQ of the site itself, publishers are paid 60% of the revenue generated by their site. But, as with most other such sites, the actual rates depends on many different things. As you know, just how much money you can make with AdSense, depends on things like the geographic location of your site, market conditions, the amount of traffic your site pulls in, etc. The same applies here as well.
Of course, the biggest factor in how much money you can make, is the amount of click through you receive. And since usually visitors who are actively looking for information represented on your blog are more likely to click on ads, the more targeted traffic you receive, the more money you can make.
Earn 10% per referral
You can also earn some money by referring either publishers or advertiser to Clicksor. Every time a publisher or an advertiser who clicks on your referral link and becomes a member of Clicksor, you earn 10 commission.
If it’s a publisher, you get 10% of their daily earnings, and if it’s an advertiser, you get 10% of their daily advertising spending. So, you can easily boost your chances of making more money with Clicksor by simply referring other advertisers and publishers.

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Ad styles and formats
When it comes to the style and formats of ads displayed on your blog, you have different options. There are different sizes and formats that you can use to match with the general layout and style of your blog.
We all know that ads that look as if they are a part of the blog, tend to do much better when it comes to click-through ratio, compared to ads that look like they don’t belong on the page. So, to increase your click through ratio, make sure to style your ad blocks to blend in with the content and style of your blog.
How do you get paid on Clicksor?
One of the frustrating things about AdSense and its payout system is its minimum payment requirement, which is $100, and the fact that it takes so long to get paid. But, with Clicksor the payout minimum is lower and they pay on a bi-weekly bases. Which means if you reach the minimum amount required for payout, you will be paid every 15 days. Now that’s fast!
When it comes to the methods of payment, Clicksor gives you 3 options:

  1. PayPal With minimum payout of $50.
  2. Check With minimum payout of $50.
  3. Wire Transfer with a minimum payout of $1,000. You also have to pay $75 for administration fee.


So, if you are looking for an alternative to AdSense, or just trying to monetize your blog for the first time, Clicksor is a great option. Register for free today, and make money with Cliksor on your blog.

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