Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Chitika - Best alternative for Google Adsense

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Chitika - Best alternative for Google Adsense

Chitika’s network of over 300,000 publishers leverage its targeting and optimization technology - a delicate blend of “Art + Science”- to deliver intent driven ads to the right user, at the right time and in the right place. High quality search-targeted, local and mobile ads are drawn from an extensive network of advertiser partners including; Yahoo!, SuperMedia, hibu and HomeAdvisor, among others.
Chitika ads perform on their own but can also generate additional revenue when used alongside other ad types and services. Publishers of all sizes and demographics are increasing earnings with Chitika ads.

If your google Adsense account is Disapproved than Chitika is best Alternative for earningf from Your Website.

Chitika is a PPC program with high rate of payment is a free service that displays revenue-earning ads to your web site or blog visitors  that includes different types of ads for different types of traffic. it's very the same as Google AdSense but it is a bit different so the best news is that you can have both on the site at the same time. Google AdSense and Chitika can work friendly and do not violate Terms of Use of each service.Chitika is that the only ad-network that knows when not to show an ad, helping to protect your user expertise.
Why Use Chitika?
Because chitika is the best way to build cash on-line along the Google AdSense. Chitika can show relevant ads at the right time. several bloggers use Chitika to monetize their blogs and sites and Darren Rowse (from ProBlogger) extremely suggest this service to make money online.
Very Low Minimum Payout
Chitika charges advertisers to be featured aboard your site's content. At the end of each month you're paid supported the previous month's earnings (Net 30). Payments are sent once your account earns a minimum of $10.00 (USD) for PayPal payouts or $50.00 (USD) for checks.
Chitika Referral Program
Never forget to use the Chitika referral programee, which gives you a share from the publishers and advertisers you refer. This becomes an excellent income if you're able to refer others to join this program. 20% of my chitika earnings ar referral earnings that keeps on going although i'm not using Chitika on my blogs.
Multiple Sizes of Ad Units There are different sizes of ad units available 

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