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Tips On How To Design Blog 


Are you thinking of creating your own blog?
Create a blog. It's free to create a blog with a beautiful templates. I'll explain here how to create a blog on blogspot and design it like a website.
Many people think that creating a blog is a sort of technical work and it requires a great understanding of HTML & CSS, but it is not true in today's context.

Creating a blog used to be a tough work in past, but if you follow this tutorial step by step, you will not only be creating a free blog but also a blog that will completely look professional.

A large number of people go with their own domain name and have to buy a hosting package and for that they obviously have to pay a monthly fee. If you too want to do the same, you should read this. Because this tutorial is for those who want to create and design a free blog.

Yes, you read it right! In this tutorial today I'm going to explain the following two points:
1. How to create a blog (Free)
2. How to design a blog (Free)

8 Steps to create a blog

1. Go to

2. Enter you E-mail Id (Google Account) and Password
(If you don't have a Google account, you must first create one by going here)

On the next screen you will have to confirm your profile:
# You can choose 'Create a Google+ profile'
Or go with 'Create a limited Blogger profile

I suggest you to choose 'Create a Google+ profile' as it will help you share your post on Google+ and thus search engines will notice your post. They will then place your posts in their search results from where your blog will always receive traffic which will give you exposure to the world also.
 Create your Google+ profile and then you will be redirected to choose 'Continue to Blogger'.
3.  Click on continue to blogger

4.  On the next page choose new blog (on the left)

5.  Enter the title and the address of your blog
(Suppose you chose you blog title 'Hotels in Purnea' the address should be hotelsinpurnea)

6.   Choose a simple template (You can choose any as we'll change it later for a professional look)

7.  Click 'Create blog!'

8.  Your blog is created now, all you need is to write a blog post, because without a blog post we won't be able to proceed to the next step. So write your first post as soon as you can and come back here to follow and next step to give your blog a professional look. Hurry!

How to design your blog? (Free)

There are many websites on the internet today that provide you many beautiful and eye catching templates for your blog, all you need is to select your desired template and download it. You might be wondering that how you will find such a site.

Let me tell you; you can google these keywords and find your desired template for you brand new blogspot blog:
a) Free blogger templates
b) Free templates for blogger blog
b) Download free blogger template
(If you don't want to find yourself, go with the below steps)

Steps to design your blog:

1.  Go to
2.  Download Tech News Template and extract the downloaded file.

3.  Now go to Blogger Dashboard and click on the blog name
4.  On the left hand side click on template

5. On the top right you will see 'Backup/Restore' Button
(Click on it and download the full template and store it at a safe place in you need it again)
6.  Now browse and select the downloaded and extracted Tech News XML and select upload.
(Your new template is uploaded and can be seen now, to have a look at the same click on the 'View Blog' button)

How to edit the top menu bar?

After uploading the template you will need to edit the top menu bar which is very important and it can be done in a few minutes. So keep following the last set of steps.
Steps to edit top menu bar:

1.  Go to Blogger Dashboard >> Template >> Edit HTML
2.  Find (Ctrl+F) title='About'>About
3.  Look for '#' and replace it with your own page URL and see the Preview
(Don't forget to see the preview before saving the template, if you make any mistake the preview won't load properly. If the preview is showing properly, it's fine! If it doesn't clear edits and try editing the top menu bar again and again until the preview loads properly.)
4.  And now edit other buttons like Contact and Log In in the way.
(You can add additional buttons by copying and pasting the edited code just below.)

That's all...!! Your blog is now ready with a professional look...



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